New Add:


1. Supremacy

Players can solo or select teammates to join the battle. Before the battle, players can check available martial arts (Including learned sets, weekly limited free sets, and locked sets unlocked by Bound Gold). Players of same campaign cannot use a same set. Each calendar month is a full season and Hero Coin will be rewards no matter win or lose.



2. School Tier 2 Internal Skill

High quality Tier 2 Internal Skill added to each school. Scroll fragments could be obtained from School Quest, Spy/Patrol Mission, School Raid/Defense and School War.



3. More Buildings in Home

Let your child play on the swing to randomly gain child pills.

Horse Farm produces horse feeds and shards.

Beast Forest produces Beast feeds, orbs and souls.

Warehouse expands extra space beyond backpack.



4. Achievement System

Complete various actions in game to obtain achievement points. The more points you reach, the more rewards like "Way of the Fist Page" you receive.



5. Switch Equipment By One Tap

Corresponding Equipment can be bound to designated martial set. When designated martial set active, corresponding equipment will be dress up.



6. New God Divine Weapon: Zen Instruction Staff

Deals 600% of damage to enemies within 5 meters. At the start of the skill, you will get Super Poise and must-hit effect for 5 seconds. You will also get Arhat Body Protection state, which can absorb damage worth 100% of your HP for 15 seconds. You are in Strong Poise and become immune to dragging while the protection exists. After the skill ends, an array will be left in site for 1 minute, allies within the array will recover their Poise by 20 points per second.



7. Heavenly Octet Ultimate Effect

[Broken Zither String] of Heavenly Octet will decrease the target's Crit Rate Reduction.



8. World Tour Season 3

The 3rd season of World Tour will start after update. New outfit and Back released.

Glory of Season 2 will be removed. Please consume all your Glory before update.

Considering the effort Guild Core Players paid, Leader/Vice Leader/Elder rewards will increase.



9. Guild diplomacy

One Guild can choose two other guilds as Alliance, and set hostile guild. Ally Protection is to protect allies from accident.






1. Rewards increase to some game plays like School Quest, Jianghu Adventure, School Practice, Guild Quest, Master's Challenge, School War, Chaos War, Demon's Challenge, Treasure Ship, Conquest and more.


2. Zhenwu Scroll Page and School Tier 2 scroll fragment added to Celestial Cave.


3. Purple and Orange fragments and Companion Shards added to Sky Arena Store.


4. Sky Arena level will not be reset every week. Instead, the level will decrease according to the level you reach last week.


5. Increases Max HP of Mo Li and Path Boss.