The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!

For a couple in love, there is nowhere that is more romantic than the place under the moon and flower. In the latest Update of Sword and Shadows, players will have some r...

March 26 ,2018

The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!
03/26/2018 05:43 PM
NEWS November 01, 2017

In Need of Jianghu Security


For the fame and gold! The detailed introduction of Brand new Jianghu security escort mission.


In the old time, when there were only limited traffic options, the traveller`s possessions were threatened by mountain bandits and that was the reason why Jianghu security was formed. Some say, only the greatest martial artists can join that organization and Only Jianghu security can ensure the safety of both owner and property. In the latest version of Sword and shadows, siege warfare, the skills and wits of warriors will be tested. Let’s see if you are the one to get huge experience, rare materials, and most importantly, the golden reward!


Fast and Clean

Once warriors reached level 45 in Sword of shadows, they can take part in the Jianghu security escort mission and become an honourable armed escort. During the mission, warriors need to choose the caravan they want to protect and keep them safe until the destination reached. Keep in mind, the route will be ambushed with tons of bandits who crave for the goods in the caravan, which means they will only target at the caravan warriors are escorting and take as much as they can. Every 10% health depletion of caravan means loss of one good. So warriors, try your best to wipe out the enemies before they can even touch the caravan!


Fame, gold and more


As the most capable escorting organization, escorting goods for the common customer surely is not the only job of Jianghu security. Sometimes it is also commissioned for invaluable treasures. If warriors can be lucky enough to take treasures escorting mission, they can not only get a huge amount of experience, which will help them to level up faster, but also some extremely rare materials such as beast feed and beast Dan. Moreover, the most exciting part is, by escorting the treasure, warriors will have a chance to be thanked with gold!



Do more, Earn more


The more a warrior dedicate himself into the Jianghu security, the more likely he will be recognized as a master, and citizens of sword and shadows will never treat a master badly. As the rule of Jianghu goes, the chance of getting more currency will be increased up to 20% if warriors keep doing the escorting mission. They can also show off how much they have earned after the mission!



Be prepared for the beast, the siege, the escorting missions, warriors. See you in Jianghu!