The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!

For a couple in love, there is nowhere that is more romantic than the place under the moon and flower. In the latest Update of Sword and Shadows, players will have some r...

March 26 ,2018

The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!
03/26/2018 05:43 PM
NEWS October 17, 2017

The detailed introduction of brand new PVP mode Siege Warfare


Some say when there is Jianghu, there is conflict. Life and death, love and hate, these are the elements that make Jianghu so hard to part from. In the latest released version of Sword of Shadows, Siege Warfare, you can experience both pure cruelty and bond of brotherhood on the battlefield. The new cross-server battle will not only test whether you are a skilled fighter, it will also test your commander’s capability of making strategies and leading the whole team. So gathering around here, warriors from all part of the Jianghu, face the challenge, fight for the glory of your school!  




Get in the siege, fight for honour!


There is no compromise among the conflicts of schools! As an important city in Jianghu, Zhenghai always is a hot spot that every school wants to take over, and the flag within that city is the symbol of highest honour. Be prepared for the fights whether you are going to nab or protect it, bring out your swordsmen’s instinct, fight for what you believe, fight for honour!




Capture the flag: Death or fame? 


In siege warfare, warriors will take turns to fight each other in order to capture or protect the flag. Offence team needs to formulate a plan to sneak into the city through the secret tunnels or attract the city directly by knocking at their front door using siege weapons. The defence team, on the other hand, has to depend on their high walls and elite soldiers to keep the flag safe until the battle period ends. Get all the fame or die on the battlefield, it’s all up to your decision, warriors!




Lead, plan and fight


Unlike the PVP mode of traditional games, there are many new elements added in Siege warfare. To get the upper hand of this unique mode, the warriors in the offensive team should get familiar with all of the siege weapons and the secret path. Siege weapons are essential to break into the city as they are the only weapons that can do tons of damage to the city gates. But, if warriors defeat the Secret Passage Defender, they can get into the courtyard of the city directly, which is a very good way to distract the defence team. What needs to be mentioned is the unique war drum system, which is the system designed to make the siege warfare more intense. Once a warrior beat the drum successfully, the morale of his team member will be raised whereas the rival team members morale will be dropped (raising morale can increase warrior damage significantly). So be careful and thoughtful, Siege warfare is not a simple competition of fighting skills. It is an arena where a gifted commander can test their leadership; a deceitful strategist can show their tricks, a true fearless warrior can experience the art of war!


The siege has already started! Warriors, grab your weapon, put on your armour, and get your glory in Jianghu!