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November 22 ,2017

NEWS August 25, 2017

Master the Internal Gem Is So Easy


To finely cultivate your Internal Skill is definitely a big mighty progress, making sure you can survive any harsh situations. However, many players still don`t know how to arrange these colorful stone. This guide will totally blue-sky it for you.




Classification of Gems


There are 4 Gem quality levels from bottom to top: Green, Blue, Purple and Orange. Orange Gems can be divided into 5 tiers, Purple Gem with 3 tiers, Blue Gem with 2 tiers and Green Gem with 1 tier. Top-grade Gems are with set attributions, obviously stronger when you gather the whole set of them. Gems strengthen attributions, including HP (Red), Attack (Yellow), Defense (Green), Critical Damage (Blue) and Crit Damage Resist (Purple). 






The color tier of Gem has a big influence of attribution bonus. For example of the following 2 pictures, the purple Gem adds 2600 HP while the orange Gem nearly doubles the HP bonus. However, orange Gems are very difficult to collect.  



Upgrade Gems is in need of Agate, which can be collected in daily activities and Gem Break. When you are holding a plenty of Agate in the bag, remember to arrange them reasonably in different attributions, attack, critical damage and HP. This trick will get your character balanced growth.



Where to find Gems


Except purchasing Cloud Runes, Daily activities, like Treasure Hunting, can offer you some beginner level Gems. However, we have come up with an idea which is more effective. Join the Chaos War and collect the achievement rewards, possibly a Tier 3 Orange Gem! Another payment for Chaos War, Celestial Token, can be used to exchange Tier 1 Orange Gem in the shop. 





Exchange Honor for Internal Gem Pack is a pretty economical as it can offer you a piece of a Tier 3 Purple Gem Shard. 5 pieces of shard can make up a whole Gem and you can collect 10 of them every day via this method.