The New Update Commit For Life is Now Live!

The true love in Jianghu is like a constant burning flame, dazzling, fierce and enviable. The newest update ‘Commit For Life’ offers the player a chance to experience Jia...

January 16 ,2018

NEWS July 19, 2017

Build Up Our Home: Upgrade the Guild Base


Being part of a guild is an integral part of Sword of Shadows gameplay. Aside from being an in-game family, guilds allow players to reap way more rewards than they would if they were going solo. But how do you upgrade your guild base? We've got some tips for you. 



First things first: you gotta join a guild, of course!


Only the Guild Leader and Deputy have the authority to upgrade guild base with Funds. Upgrades change the look of your guild architecture, introducing more stylish and intricately designed buildings. The guild base includes the Hall of Honor, Treasure Pavilion, Cultivation Hall and Workshop. 



Before Upgrade



After Upgrade



Before Upgrade



After Upgrade



Accumulating Funds

Guild Funds can be gained through daily member donations, Guild Caravan Escort missions and Raids.