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January 16 ,2018

NEWS July 07, 2017

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Endless Dungeon


As a daily mission, Endless Dungeon is filled with resources such as Bound Silver, Internal Skill Pages and Brocade. Once you reach a certain floor, it's entirely possible to collect a set of top level Internal Skills. Players who go for Endless Dungeon every day have a first step advantage over other players.


Reaping the Rewards of the Endless Dungeon




The current time limit for every floor is 3 minutes, which makes it much more difficult for players with low might, and enemy-inflicted damage becomes much more deadly. Here are some practical tips to make the most of your missions.



Skill Combination


Martial Arts: Vertigo Dart (Recommended) or Gambler's Chi, add Devil's Palm or any high damage skill sets.


Internal Skills: Ice Pact, Palm's Power or Shining Core


Meridians: Cobra, Asp or Rattlesnake



Endless Dungeon tests comprehensive strength, requiring players to kill all targets within a certain period. A conservative combination of high-damage ranged sets and recovery sets can create enough time for a quick gasp before diving back into the fray, while recovery internal skills can guarantee your safety. Normally, it is recommended to choose Rattlesnake for its Decrease Damage Effect. Less confident players can equip Cobra or Asp for Critical Damage. 




To be continued