The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!

For a couple in love, there is nowhere that is more romantic than the place under the moon and flower. In the latest Update of Sword and Shadows, players will have some r...

March 26 ,2018

The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!
03/26/2018 05:43 PM
NEWS July 04, 2017

Unlock a New Adventure: Water Palace Duel


The next update is on its way, and one of the most exciting new features is the magically mysterious Water Palace in Changbai Mountain. This obscure part of the map has witnessed very few explorers brave enough to tread its turf. Let's check it out!




Water Palace
The Water Palace is one of the three sacred places in Jianghu, well-known for the magnificent and rejuvenating Divine Icy Water, which is hidden in the Bottomless Hall. Divine Icy Water has mysterious cleansing properties. It is able to counteract even the strongest poisons, rendering the attacks of the Five Immortals Sect useless. The conflict between them has escalated recently, and the disciples of Five Immortals Sect are planning an invasion of the Water Palace. Will you be there on the front lines to defend this sacred realm?




Once your battle in the Bottomless Hall is complete, you can join the Water Palace Duel. To win the duel, you have to resist 50 round attacks from Five Immortals Sect, from low-level disciples to top-tier warriors. If the Water Palace falls or players quit during the defence, the game fails and you will receive your reward. Teamwork is essential to besting your enemies in the Water Palace Duel, and you'll need to rely on your trusted friends to last all 10 rounds. 




The Water Palace is just one of many as yet undiscovered realms in Jianghu. More will be revealed in coming weeks--are you ready?