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NEWS June 23, 2017

Taking on the Sky Arena: Tips for Everyone, From Newbies to Top Players


PvP is the wheelhouse of most of Sword of Shadows' top players, but that doesn't mean the battles are easy. The Sky Arena presents unique challenges to even the most advanced warriors, but greener players shouldn't be afraid to try their hand in this competitive arena either. Check out our strategy tips to make the most of this ultra challenging and super fun PvP arena.




There are 20 types of martial arts available, but only six can be equipped at a time. How do you pick which ones are appropriate?


Always take note of your enemy and their weapon. Lingxiao holding a blade often takes the Bloodmoon and Winter's Blade. Tangmen holding a sword no doubt brings the Snow Sword. Sometimes Tangmen's bare hands must take Gambler's Chi & Vertigo Dart. Emei and Wudang, both sword master schools, usually use the Snow Sword. Wudang sometimes changes up their school's martial arts, and thus uses Taichi Sword. Emei girls, holding twin daggers, must bring Departing Sting. In high-end duels, skills like Monkey Fist are very uncommon. Determine your attack or defense strategy according to your opponent's weapons.




Tackling Corresponding Schools and Skills


Scenario One: Snow Sword


The Snow Sword has one serious disadvantage: it doesn't have a suitable starting skill. Finding the weak point is fundamental in the One VS One battle. The Snow Sword is good at parry and waits for a display of weakness. A practical response is to look at your opponent's movement. If they run in a circle and keep a distance, they must wait for you to attack first and then parry. But most masters would run into you quickly, tricking you into using parry so they can Break Parry and deal damage. Here lies the difficulty: how do you make a split-second decision between Feint and Break Parry? When you are facing someone using the Snow Sword, do not let yourself be parried.




Scenario Two: Tangmen Drifters


Most Tangmen disciples are using Gambler's Chi & Vertigo Dart. The skill has zero cooldown time for Break Parry effect, so don't parry when you fight a Tangmen. The Winter's Blade is very suppressive for Tangmen skills. Is there any method to defeat Tangmen if you are not a blade man? Of course! Dash to him, as Tangmen is a long-distance attack school which is bad at close combat, and parry instantly. Most Tangmen would use ‘Flying Flowers’ to evade while it is an Overt Skill, which is easy to Parry. If you are rooted, remember to parry as well. 




Scenario Three: Lingxiao


The weakness of Lingxiao is they often run out of energy by using the Winter's Blade. One way to take advantage of this is to let Lingxiao's skill hit nothing, then fight back. After using ‘Charge of Spirits’, blade man is highly likely to feint. So, do not parry and try feint then overt skill. This is a practical way to break the parry of Lingxiao. 




We recommend Divine Weapons, as survival is the most important priority.


If you are experienced in the Sky Arena, a more advanced trick is the double parry. For example, once you've used parry skill of Taichi Sword, you can switch to the parry skill of another martial art. In fact, the parry effect of two skills can exist at the same time. Besides, full level parry skill of the Mount Hua Sword Tier 4 has 3 seconds' no cooldown effect. Making the most of it may lead to unexpected results. 


Mastering PvP is like everything else: practice makes perfect. Use the key mechanisms of the core combat system of Overt, Feint and Parry to best your enemies. If you're having trouble getting it down, just remember when to block and break defense. 


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