Would you marry m…? The anticipation of next update of SOS

The Sword of Shadows is always on the way towards better gameplay experience of a real Jianghu lifestyle. It won`t hurt to imagine what`s new in the next update and what ...

November 22 ,2017

NEWS May 11, 2017

Take an Exclusive First Look at the Way of the Swordsman Update!


Way of the Swordsman is set to take over Jianghu! The realm will never be the same after the arrival of the World Tour Arena and the Chaos War brings a bloody end to Jianghu's fragile peace. New winged mounts will take players to new heights, and the Cat Basket will ensure your character is never without a cuddly companion. Are you ready for a new era in Jianghu to begin? 



In  Chaos War the Players will be randomly divided into Ming and Mongolia Camps, fighting for their own forces.The side that gets more points throughout the battlefield will win. However, Chaos War isn't the only new battlefield where players can throw down in the new update. Guilds over Level 3 can dive into the World Tour Arena.






The war has left no corner of the realm untouched, and these majestic creatures who previously lived in the shadows of the forest have risen to stake their claim in the battle. Players can take flight on one of these powerful mounts at any time, and enjoy the impressive views of heaven and earth!





The latest trends in Jianghu fashion are both cuddly and couture! The Cat Basket features an adorable kitten who will playfully paw at flowers and butterflies. The Lavender Youth is a fresh take on a timeless look, in a palette perfect for spring!





And the new Skills will revolutionize Jianghu Warfare. The Specter Sword is an orange ancient attack skill set. Its long distance dash offers sufficient flexibility. Emperor's Pike is a purple defense skill set. Its ability to increase group defense and recovery effect has guaranteed its primacy in PVP and PVE battles. The damage transfer effect ensures a safer environment for partners casting skills. 






All of these are just parts of the new updates. There are companion system, Internal Gem and etc. waiting for your exploration. Are you ready for the Way of the Swordsman?