The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!

For a couple in love, there is nowhere that is more romantic than the place under the moon and flower. In the latest Update of Sword and Shadows, players will have some r...

March 26 ,2018

The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!
03/26/2018 05:43 PM
NEWS May 03, 2017

Take Your Strategy to New Heights with Advanced Battle Flying Skills


Few things are more thrilling than soaring high above your opponent in a fierce Sword of Shadows battle. We've prepared a guide to help you all learn more about the unique flying skills available to Jianghu's warriors. Check it out below!



Hone Your Hardcore Fighting Style with Eight Unique Flying Skills



Sword of Shadows' flying skills are divided into eight unique abilities with different devastating effects, including Skyward Step, Aerial Twist, Chi Sprint, Jade Slide, Flying Sparrow, Wall Run, Water Step and Gliding Swan. There are endless combinations of flying and battle skills for warriors to experiment with in the pursuit of a perfect fighting strategy. 





Your flying skills will become stronger the longer you explore Jianghu. Advanced flying skills allow characters to freely shift direction and height with just a few taps. Skyward Step and Aerial Twist send you to a high altitude, giving you a wide view and an advantageous attack position. 



Jade Slide and Flying Sparrow are quick dash skills, creating a safe distance between you and your enemies from which to strike. Wall Run will let you rapidly scale sheer walls; it's a great skill to use right before taking flight. Chi Sprint dramatically increases your speed in a short period of time, giving you the agile movements of a ghost as you prepare for a surprise attack. It's also a great skill to use to get out of a tight