The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!

For a couple in love, there is nowhere that is more romantic than the place under the moon and flower. In the latest Update of Sword and Shadows, players will have some r...

March 26 ,2018

The New update, ‘Persuit for happiness’ is Now live!
03/26/2018 05:43 PM
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Interpretation of Martial Arts System Guides


In Sword of Shadows, martial arts skills are divided into school-specific martial arts and Jianghu martial arts. Players can use blades, pikes, swords, twin daggers or hidden weapons to go beyond the school limits, switching freely between 6 sets of different martial arts during battles. Sword of Shadows is an ever-changing fighting experience for all players, placing it totally above traditional games. 



The latest version of Sword of Shadows will offer a combined total of 16 martial arts. We have added 4 brand new sets for those who are vying to be the strongest power in Jianghu. Check out our breakdown of the classic sets of school-specific martial arts:

Tai Chi Sword--WuDang

The Tai Chi Sword is designed as an imitation of nature. Heaven's Sword and Circle the Moon Three Times can control enemies and restore vigor. Sword Dance is a powerful AOE skill with stun effects, which is perfect for group battles. 




Dragon Spear--Ming

Ming worships the Divine Fire. Their pike skills are originally from the Central Plains, combining Western and Persian tradition. Ming disciples create deadly damage by combining Cosmic Mental skill with Dragon Spear. 




Twin Daggers--Emei

Twin Daggers is more than just a graceful sleight of hand--it has excellent defensive and endurance qualities. Emei's skill sets have the best coherence and control effects. By employing Twin Daggers at the right moment, players can cause a series of strikes. A high critical rate and group recovery effect gives Emei an important role in PVE. 




Winter's Blade--Lingxiao

Lingxiao members are equipped with the highest injury in all of Jianghu's martial arts. Winter's Blade, when combined with the special snow flake effect, can easily take enemies' breath away. Whether in PVP or PVE, Lingxiao is a fearsome force to be reckoned with. 



Vertigo Dart--Tangmen

Disciples of Tangmen are adept at using hidden weapons. Vertigo Dart has a long-range strike capability and is often coordinated with flying skills. Tangmen warriors let the enemy struggle to chase them, killing people with invisibility and speed. 




When school skills meet Jianghu martial arts, battles become more unpredictable. Players can develop characters with unique skill sets by collecting Martial Arts Pages from special events and trading markets. The 4 brand new skill sets are: Mount Hua Sword, Bloodmoon Blade, Fist of the Monkey and Dragon Claw.

Mount Hua Sword

Mount Hua Sword is inspired by the inspiring views of Mount Hua. The six skills are Council of Blades, Sword Halo, Divine Codex, Soaring Aurora, Emerging Cloud and Blade Tempest, which are able to reduce enemy defense to enhance friend's attack. It's a solid set of support-based martial arts moves.




Bloodmoon Blade

The Bloodmoon Blade traveled from Outland into the Central Plains. The skill set has a menacing look, inspiring fear without even revealing the blade. It's comprised of Bloodmoon Slash, Bloodmoon Reprisal, Crimson Fury, A Moonless Windy Night, Bloodmoon Whirl and Crimson Finish. The high injury of Bloodshed Buff causes great suppression to the enemy, making it perfect for PVP. 




Fist of the Monkey

Fist of the Monkey is the mysterious ancient boxing skill inspired bythe clever and quick moves of monkeys. The skill sets are Grab the Peach, Spirit Clap, Monkey's Taunt, Spirit Pummel, Birth of Monkey, Wukong's Fury and Spirit of Wukong. The core of this martial arts skill is to control enemies, which is the key to victory in group battles. 




Dragon Claw


Martial arts lore abounds in Jianghu. It is said that anyone who can obtain full knowledge of all Jianghu's martial arts would undoubtedly dominate the realm. We have made the Dragon Claw, one of the rare supreme Martial Arts, available in new version of Sword of Shadows. The Dragon Claw is a classic Shaolin stunt, destroying anything with only a fierce grasp. The skills contained in it are: Cherish the Lost, Seize the Clouds, Return the Favor, Call the Bluff, Catch the Wind, Chasing Shadow and Wrath of the Dragon. 




The complex and layered martial arts skill system is the very core of Sword of Shadows. Players will have endless fun trying novel combinations of skills in their pursuit of total martial arts domination.