Would you marry m…? The anticipation of next update of SOS

The Sword of Shadows is always on the way towards better gameplay experience of a real Jianghu lifestyle. It won`t hurt to imagine what`s new in the next update and what ...

November 22 ,2017

NEWS April 19, 2017

Take Gorgeous Screenshots - "Hide UI" Function Guides


Sword of Shadows is the latest title in the epic Age of Wushu franchise from Snail Games. Powered by the second generation Flexi Engine, Sword of Shadows delivers a PC-quality 3D gaming experience to the mobile platform. 


Want to save the choicest Sword of Shadows screenshots on your phone? We're rolling out a "Hide UI" function so players can snap flawless pics of the Jianghu scenery without any of that pesky UI blocking the view. Check out the details!



Powered by the second generation Flexi Engine, Sword of Shadows takes players on an authentic journey through Ming Dynasty China to become legendary warriors. We've paid incredible attention to detail to ensure that even the simplest light, water, wind, and texture effects retain the vividness of a high-powered PC game. Sword of Shadows raises the bar in terms of what 3D mobile games can accomplish visually.


Sword of Shadows' "Hide UI" function allows players to fully enjoy the visual splendor of Jianghu, from the idyllic scenery to the legion of warriors. Without any UI to clutter the screen, players can really take advantage of Sword of Shadows' panoramic 360-degree views. Thanks to the game's innovative new engine, visuals are rendered with rich details and textures that far outstrip those of its competitors.





We're constantly optimizing Jianghu to give players the best experience possible. As soon as players log in, the system will automatically adapt to the display to ensure the highest quality visuals. We hope you have an eye-popping experience in Jianghu and enjoy all the views Sword of Shadows has to offer!