Would you marry m…? The anticipation of next update of SOS

The Sword of Shadows is always on the way towards better gameplay experience of a real Jianghu lifestyle. It won`t hurt to imagine what`s new in the next update and what ...

November 22 ,2017

NEWS April 11, 2017

Soar to New Heights - The Ultra Flying Skills Guide


Sword of Shadows' Ultra Flying Skills make traveling through Jianghu an experience like no other. Players can soar through the air with incredible speed simply by holding Power + Fly. Control is intuitive and sensitive, allowing players to easily scale walls and soar across long distances to an adjustable landing point. Players can enjoy stunning views thanks to Sword of Shadows' dynamic camera angles. The Ultra Flying Skills allow players to reach even the most far-flung corners of Jianghu with speed and grace.




Three Ways to Take the Skies


There are three types of Ultra Flying Skills. Blade of the Sky requires swordplay to work. Petals in the Wind transforms players into an elegant butterfly riding the breeze. Players who summon Dragon's Flight are imbued with super speed, allowing them to travel with the flaming quickness of a dragon.





The Ultra flying skills is another brand new gameplay system. Players could travel freely and fast through Jianghu by flying high. With a few taps, you can explore this world in a whole new angle. We also bring you the UI clear button, so the screenshot would become the best way to record your memories in this beautiful Jianghu. 




Ultra Flying Skills allow Sword of Shadows players unparalleled freedom to roam the map swiftly and with incredible views. With just a few taps, players can explore Jianghu with a dragon's-eye view, and utilize the clear UI for an unobstructed look at Jianghu's most breathtaking sights.