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November 22 ,2017

NEWS March 24, 2017

Sword of Shadows School Preview: Lingxiao


Lingxiao's school is located in a city on a snowy mountain, beaten year round by cold winds and covered in frost. Lingxiao warriors favor sabers as their weapon of choice. They fiercely defend their city and can deliver a high damage output in battle. Their strength as a team is rooted in DPS, and their Snow Shadow Blade skill harnesses icy power against enemies. Lingxiao warriors can carry on a continual assault of the enemy, exhausting them and keeping them constantly on the defensive, without letting them get in a counterstrike.





Damage: ★★★★★
Defense: ★
Support: ★☆
Difficulty: ★☆
Weapon: Blade
Feature: Damage Set, Continuously Damage
Martial Arts: Winter's Blade
Internal Skill: The Six Paths



The Lingxiao school has the highest damage output of any of its Sword of Shadows competitors. Its unique and remote location make them hard to reach, along with the fact that the region is covered with snow. The Lingxiao city is steeped in mystic history, and its people are solemn and dedicated warriors.