Would you marry m…? The anticipation of next update of SOS

The Sword of Shadows is always on the way towards better gameplay experience of a real Jianghu lifestyle. It won`t hurt to imagine what`s new in the next update and what ...

November 22 ,2017


In Need of Jianghu Security

For the fame and gold! The detailed introduction of Brand new Jianghu security escort mission.

November 01 ,2017


The detailed introduction of brand new PVP mode Siege Warfare

Some say when there is Jianghu, there is conflict.

October 17 ,2017


Civilian Guide of Sword of Shadows

There`s always an economic method to play games. Without much to cost, you can also enjoy the fun of Sword of Shadows.

September 27 ,2017


Guides of the World Tour

The World Tour, Chaos War, Companions and Pets have been added in Jianghu for a while.

September 20 ,2017


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Beasts

Live as a roving traveler is the dream of most Jianghu Players

September 14 ,2017


Siege Warfare Update Now Live

In the latest version of Sword of Shadows, Siege Warfare, players can participate in the most intense cross-service siege battleground yet!

September 11 ,2017


Siege Warfare Update Is Coming!

As the Siege Warfare update has been successively meeting you guys in Facebook, the GM will lead you to a glance of the exciting contents.

September 05 ,2017


Pick a weapon at Divine Pavilion

Shiny pretty look with deadly power, the divine weapon has become a must-have treasure for many players.

August 31 ,2017

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